Car Dealer Location's History

A Different Kind of Platform

Sandra Jacobs had been in car sales for years, and she always had concerns about how often she and her sales staff relied too heavily on third-party leads and classified sites to engage customers. She knew these leads were not reliable and that customers hated having to fill out financial forms or input personal contact information so that they could shop for cars online.

Sandra was having dinner with her friend Jared Pitzer one night. Jared had been a website programmer by trade but had recently started a digital marketing firm.

‘How come car buyers and car dealers don’t have an easier way to interact online?’ That was the question she remembered asking him. Jared was surprised to hear her question and told Sandra he would look into it.

What Jared found was what Sandra already knew. Shopping for cars online is an ordeal for buyers and dealerships. Consumers are forced to fill out forms or scout advertisement-riddled websites without a clear picture of whether or not they can find the car they’re looking for. What he found in his research was that the average buyer spends between six months to a year looking for a car, and then will visit one dealership before making a purchase.

He presented these finding to Sandra. He also asked her if she knew about first-generation leads. The idea that dealerships can deal directly with customers, without relying on third-party sources or classified sites. He mentioned that first-generation leads have a conversion rate of 25-40%, third-party leads have a conversion rate of only 4-7%. Sandra asked Jared if he would help her give life to an idea she thought would change the auto shopping process for the better.

Jared obliged and in 2017 Car Dealer Locations was born. The result of two hard-working, passionate people is a directory for car buyers to access stress-free. An easy and intuitive design, no forms to fill out, and no ads! You can just search for the brand you like and find out which dealership in your area has the car of your dreams.

Dealerships who sign up with us can have their store featured in our database, allowing customers to access them directly. Our site also features tools to help improve the search engine ranking and the digital presence of participating dealerships.

It’s a win-win for buyers and dealers. Discover a new way to find the right showroom for your next lease or purchase today.

Find the best dealership near you. No gimmicks and no commitment to buy!

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